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The World Ending Object   2010

Desire Management
2005 Film shot on 16mm and HD

Desire Management is a film comprising five sequences in which objects are used as vehicles for dissident behaviour. In the film, the domestic space is defined as the last private frontier, a place where bespoke appliances provide unorthodox experiences for alienated people: An airline hostess with a unique relationship to turbulence, the owner of a mysterious box which men ritually visit to look inside, an elderly man who enjoys being vacuumed, a couple who engage in baseball driven fantasies, a man who is forced by his partner to cry into a strange device.

Based on real testimonials and news reports, the objects specifically created for the film attempt to reveal the inherent need for expression and identity formation in the face of conformity. The project was originally shown at the Venice Architecture Biennale in Summer 2004 as an installation of three objects, Baseball Bed, Vacuum Scanner, and Turbulent Air Trolley. The film premiered at the 2005 Raindance Film Festival.

Commissioned by the CNAC Pompidou. Sponsored by Arriflex Ltd, The Royal College of Art, The National Film and Television School, and Fuji Film.

Part of the New York MoMA and FRAC Ile-de-France collections

Clip from Desire Management