Selected Publications/Texts

Essays for Interwoven Magazine   2017
Deviations from the Script   2016
One That Got Away   2014
From the Meinong Jungle Tribune   2014
Counterfeit Horizons   2012
Darkitecture   2012
I Cling to Virtue   2011
Things Uncommon   2010
The World Ending Object   2010

A Shining Meteor...

A Shining Meteor will Light the Path of the Worker takes as its catalyst a quiet, under-acknowledged historical occurrence: the railworkers strikes of the mid 1930s in Haifa and the activity of joint Arab-Jewish worker’s unions in Palestine of the period. Dramatising the events and political intricacies which surrounded the strikes, Toran has imagined an original theatrical production as if performed by a workers community theatre from the period. The play weaves historical, satirical and supernatural narratives, and is manifested in the gallery through its different parts (a synopsis, sets, props, etc.). Proposing an alternative, ‘citizen-based’ historiography, the exhibition draws visitors into a dynamic, messy engagement with local myth making as it relates to national identity formation of the period and Israel’s contentious socialist credentials. A program of public events took place during the exhibition, expanding the story through different actions. Exhibition Catalog/Play Synopsis

The work was exhibited at Rawart Gallery in Tel Aviv, curated by Leah Abir, and will be part of Social Bauhaus in Haifa, curated by Galia Bar-Or. The work is produced in collaboration with the Tel Aviv University Department of Theatre Arts, the Art Department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and with the generous support of Het Nieuwe Instituut and WAC-MAAN – Workers Union and Sindyanna Fair Trade. Half of the exhibition proceeds will be donated to “Bread and Roses,” an initiative of WAC-MAAN.