Selected Publications/Texts

Essays for Interwoven Magazine   2017
Deviations from the Script   2016
One That Got Away   2014
From the Meinong Jungle Tribune   2014
Counterfeit Horizons   2012
Darkitecture   2012
I Cling to Virtue   2011
Things Uncommon   2010
The World Ending Object   2010

Postponing the Inevitable
2007 Film shot on 16mm

Postponing the Inevitable is a film based on true stories in which a quest for immortality is undertaken. The film’s three chapters Falling, Faking and Freezing conceptually sitting between traditional cinematic storytelling and an ambiguous space of visual representation, asking the viewer to interpret the clues provided: A garbage collector is photographed by a woman for an unknown purpose, a man walks backwards and forwards at the beach, a hospital contains a lone patient. In collaboration with Onkar Kular.

Commissioned by the Wellcome Trust. Sponsored by Arriflex Media and the Royal College of Art. Part of the Israel Museum collection.
Running Time: 16 min